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Kavassu Rainsta Patch is a new generation water curing technique which has overtaken the flexible pavements repair techniques by miles. Kavassu Rainsta Patch is designed for Indian climatic conditions as our country face all kind of weather at a time in different states. Hot weather conditions in some parts, Moderate temperature in some states, Freezing atmosphere in few states and Rainy atmosphere in few states & few with heavy rainfall throughout year.

  • Description

    Specific Uses :

    • Specific to Extreme Wet Conditions
    • Repairs to Potholes/ Road Patches
    • For Both Flexible & Rigid Pavements
    • Cold Surface Dressing of BC
    • Cold Premix Carpeting
    • In Level Crossings of Rails, Platforms etc
    • Special Grades Available for Runway Repairs


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    20 Kg, 50 Kg

    Quality Assurance

    As per ISO 9001

    Environmental Hazard


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