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SHALIMAR G-50 (P) is integral waterproofing for concrete with good plasticizing properties. It does not contain any chloride and can also be used as an admixture for precast concrete. The admixture of SHALIMAR G-50 (P) in the concrete brings about contraction of capillaries thereby rendering the concrete dense and waterproof. SHALIMAR G-50 (P) is suitable for usage in production of waterproof concrete in a accordance with DIN 1048 (German industrial standard no.1048)and similar
relevant standards.

  • Description

    Uses : SHALIMAR G-50 (P) should be used for the preparation of watertight concretes employed in the construction of water retaining structures, sanitary rooms, constructions, in humid atmospheric conditions, concrete roofs, basements, tunnels, tanks, swimming pools etc It is highly effective in Screening Chambers, Sewerage tanks, Sewers, Shafts, Basement, Bathing pools, Reservoirs, Retaining Walls, Raft-foundation Terraces, Paper Mills, Jute Mills, Cotton Mill’s Godown, Tea Garden Drying-yard, Heating Chambers, Water-towers, Culverts, Flat roofs, Dams, Conduits Floors, Walls, Tunnels Locks, Docks etc.

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    1 Litre, 20 Litre

    Quality Assurance

    As per ISO-9001


    In original sealed containers protected from sunlight & frost.

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